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Online training for Learning Management System  employees is moving from being innovative to being critical to companies. Among its advantages are cost reduction and monitoring of employee development.But like any project, it takes investment and time to apply and it’s not always that performing online training is among your knowledge. If this is your case, this article was made for you.

 Advantages Of online Training

 Cost Reduction –  Have you noticed the commitment of conventional training? Classroom allocation, providing teachers (often from abroad), finding the perfect day, in addition to when the company has multiple offices, the cost increases with travel, accommodation and the like. All this is cost, some that directly affect the budget and others that are more indirect. Therefore, online training of Learning Management System is a disruptive way to reduce all this effort and cost for the company.

 Greater Reach –  In an ideal scenario, all your employees participate in all essential training for each one, but let’s be honest that this is far from what really happens, there are always some on vacation, others with urgent matters, and those we don’t even know about. they could participate as those who are going to change their position and those who were not hired by the company but when they are hired they must have that training. Digitizing content for online training is the easiest way to reach your entire corporation without repeated efforts.

 Decreases Employee Turnover –  How many times have you seen frustration-motivated job exits or layoffs? Because one of the reasons for frustration is anguish, that feeling of thinking that there is nothing that can be done to change the way things are. Through greater access to training, teaching new business methodologies, trends and innovations can be a way for you to show the employee ways and, consequently, prevent this frustration and turnover.

 Increases Productivity –  As well as reducing turnover, giving your employees Learning Management System more access to online training is opening up new ways of working, new trends and innovations, which your employee might not be able to access without your help. Companies that care about the development of their employees, end up benefiting from the best workforce on the market.

Who Is Your Training of Learning Management System  Audience?

 Knowing your audience is key to creating relevant content. I’ve separated two tips on how you can get to know your employees better:

 Create Surveys –  There is no better way to get to know your employees than to ask them yourself, so be creative, see what engages the most, what they are looking for, how much time they could apply. Use open-ended, closed-ended, and multiple-choice questions, closed-ended and multiple-choice questions can give you an overview of where to focus, and open-ended questions can bring you creative ideas of what to do with content. The more creative in the questions, the more fruit you will have to know how to make your content;

 Talk To Managers – Managers  can have a good idea of ​​employee development, they can bring you content ideas and employee profiles for you to be assertive in online training of Learning Management System.

 Online Training Formats

 Choosing the format is essential for the next steps, but it is not easy and today there are millions of possibilities, including eBooks, videos, webinars, podcasts and various relatives of these formats. But, your decision is easier when you think about your employees, for example you can apply the following methodologies:

 What The Company Already Has –  Some companies have already tried to digitize some courses, and even some training within areas are lost on an area Learning Management System computer. Try searching these files, collecting and reviewing what is most relevant. You can have a lot of gold hidden around, just pan.

 Putting Yourself In The Employee’s Shoes –  Does your company have long paths to the factory and do you want to take advantage of this moment? How about investing in podcasts or, if the employee does not drive, content in text or even videos. Creativity is also valued here and there is no ready-made recipe, each content has its advantages and disadvantages.

 Use Your Survey –  Remember you are going to do a survey with your employees to get to know them better? Well then, use the research to find out what can be more engaging and what can be more viable for your online training.

 These tips are essential for deciding where to start making your types of content. Another aspect is innovation, we suggest investigating the latest trends that are being created in virtual courses. Among them we currently have:

 Podcast – Creating a podcast is in fashion Learning Management System, this content is an audio containing the course/class you want to teach and your students can study on the way to work or traveling, content via audio that is easy to access and fast for learning;

Content Micro Capsules – You can send content microcapsules to your students/clients on a daily basis, this is one of the trends.

Mind Maps – Who said that all content should be text, videos or audios? Many people prefer mind maps, these can lead to a better organized idea of ​​the content.

 Now you know who you’re going to sell online courses to and what you’re going to sell, it’s time to do it, but so what Learning Management System? Knows how to do? My tip is always to script, create knowledge trees, modules or the best way you can organize your content. In production, the ideal is for you to go through the following steps:


The ideal is to use a set of ideas to be able to define what the strategic objectives of your video training are, for example. Establishing the message in Learning Management System you want to convey to your students is super important before starting.


In production, try to be objective and clear in your content, our concentration time is shortening, always seeking your student’s attention is essential, in addition, everything around is also relevant for a good Learning Management System. If it’s a video, it’s important to find the right place, with good natural lighting. If it’s audio, don’t record in the middle of a renovation and use a good microphone. And texts are very cool that you always prioritize the reader’s experience, so he doesn’t get lost or disengaged.


Making the productions and dropping it on the Learning Management System platform is the same as going on a date without even fixing the look,You can even be beautiful, but it’s nice to take a look in the mirror to see if you don’t have beans in your teeth, right?(Editorial note: we think everyone is beautiful as they are). But our trainings of Learning Management System need a finishing touch and for that there are millions of video editing tools, and many free, cut and put effects on your audios and on your text image tools can help you a lot.

 Allocate Your Training Online

 And now, you already have everything ready, everything recorded in Learning Management System, and what do you do? Send it to corporate email?

 After so much work with the perfection of your online training, you didn’t see leaving it to chance for the employee to watch when he felt like it, did you?

 Today there are already millions of tools Learning Management System that have resources aimed at online training and luckily you’ve landed on the best blog in the county and we have just that many reviews, all recommended on our LMS page.  But don’t worry, we’ll also bring you a summary of all this here.


 So, confident to take this step in your company of Learning Management System? We know that like any innovative project, online training is not an easy task, but as we saw in this article, there are only benefits to be reaped. I hope the article gave your project a boost, and we have many other articles that can help you with industry trends, platform reviews, and benchmarks. Like the following:

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