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Hourly we hear from people that are searching for an LMS ideal and effective hand training result, yet they’ve questions when it comes to exploring their options, for illustration, one we frequently hear is “ what is Learning Management System.”


What’s LMS?

To begin with, LMS stands for Learning Management System. A literacy operation system is principally a software operation that allows druggies to produce, launch and track training or literacy of any type.


LMS’s came veritably popular in education, and they continue to grow in both K-12 and secondary education programs, but they ’ve also come one of the favored ways numerous companies are training workers.

When asking what’s LMS in terms of the commercial world you can look at the primary functions — internal and external training. Companies of any size may use an Learning Management System to train internally, which means furnishing training and development for workers, or they may be using an Learning Management System to train guests, advisers, resellers or anyone externally associated with the association.


LMS Technology

Learning operation systems are continuing to grow in their operation and fashionability, which has led to a number of hops in the available technology, in order to keep up with demand.


Numerous Learning Management System options are web- grounded, which means they’re hosted in the pall, and commercial druggies tend to find this incredibly helpful because there’s no solicitude about installing updates, tackle or software.


When an LMS is hosted it also means pricing, similar as with eLeaP, is grounded on a subscription figure and this frequently means it’s much less precious than utmost traditional training options.


Features of an Online Learning Management System

After the original “ what is LMS” question we frequently hear “ what are the features of an Learning Management System.”

While every provider and product is going to be unique, with an eLeaP LMS you ’ll have access to the following features


We give you with fast and easy tools to develop literacy and training content. Indeed if you ’re not endured with course development we make it a simple process, and you can also upload any type of train including SCORM, PowerPoint, YouTube and further.

Since eLeaP is a web- grounded Learning Management System your hand training is available to anyone at any time. That means your workers, mates and guests can pierce training through the on- demande-Learning system.

Brand your LMS using features like your totem and color scheme so you can always present unified content to your druggies.

If you ’re interested in dealing your online training that’s simple as well with our eCommerce options. You can fluently turn them from internal training into products that are for trade just by uploading, setting your price and launching. You can indeed add reduction tickets or chapter marketing options.

Tracking your training with an eLeaP LMS is easy as well, because everything is automated. You can check everything from course completion to assessment results and also integrate reporting with Exel, PDF or HRIS.

These are just a many of the numerous features available with an eLeaP Learning Management System.


It’s our thing to not only answer “ what is LMS,” but also to show you how using a literacy operation system from eLeaP can change the way you do training and the way your guests, mates and workers view training.


Why does my company need an LMS?

Usinge-learning rather of or alongside face-to- face literacy can help to reduce training costs and ameliorate productivity across an organisation. For illustration, obligatory staff training like fire safety or food hygiene can be allocated when work is quiet, rather than transferring people out of the office for a whole day or further.


Being suitable to track how important training a person has completed via an Learning Management System is ideal for monitoring and checkups, and storing this information online make it much easier to pierce than sifting through piles of paperwork.

Enable, Virtual College’s Learning Management System

Some Learning Management System platforms, like Enable, allow you to uploade-learning courses from other providers and produce your own online literacy modules using tools similar as PowerPoint and Word. You can also assign tests to cover appreciation and completion.


Enable allows you to produce online portfolios featuring uploaded exemplifications of learners’ work towards completing a course, while event shadowing, internal messaging and appraisal shadowing are also possible.


Can I use my company’s course in another company’s LMS?

Utmost courses and LMS platforms are compatible, but you’ll need to check on a case by casebasis.However, we recommend agitating your requirements with the company you’re planning to buy the Learning Management System from, If you’ve formerly gote-learning courses that you want to transfer.

Generally, if a Learning Management System and ane-learning course are both SCORM biddable, it means course progress can be tracked. There are different performances of SCORM, but numerous of the rearmost systems are compatible with aged performances.


Can I put my company imprinting on an LMS?

At Virtual College, we specialise in working with businesses of all sizes to deliver bespoke, targeted performances ofe-learning courses and our Learning Management System, so you can conform the training experience specifically to your staff.


Can I use Virtual College courses in my own LMS?

Presently, Virtual College is unfit to supply our own courses for use in external LMS platforms. Still, we’re happy to work with you to develop bespoke accoutrements that you can use and distribute freely.

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