The  Learning Management System  ( LMS ) is a virtual education platform that brings together several operations related to the area in one place. This system allows you to create, customize, organize and manage online courses and training, thus being a very useful tool for the most diverse audiences – from educational institutions to companies.

In the corporate world, the LMS has gained strength in recent decades with the popularization of the internet, representing an even greater advance for education in relation to distance learning. It’s not just the videos and content offered at EAD: this system provides a complete platform to make the management of corporate training more practical and agile.

8 Benefits of the Enterprise LMS

From even free solutions like  MOOCs  to the most sophisticated models, the LMS has a lot to contribute to corporate education. Let’s get to know some advantages of this teaching-learning model?

1- Flexibility

While face-to-face teaching depends on a fixed schedule and a physical space to be carried out, the distance learning model offered in the LMS allows students to access educational content on the most diverse devices – including  cell phones and tablets  -, and anywhere and anytime. 

This means that you don’t have to expend logistical efforts to rent or arrange a physical space, schedule instructors and participants’ schedules, or have to commute employees to training – or worse, have to stop production for a certain period. All you need is a device with internet access and a platform and learning will be just a few clicks or taps away. 

Thus, in addition to optimizing HR work, employees will have the opportunity to study subjects at their own pace and at the most convenient times, instead of having to stop just when demand and movement increase.

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